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Since 1996, our goal is to have a positive impact to our community!  We promote a family environment where students/families become part of our extended family. We promote a positive atmosphere, create lasting friendships, encourage community participation, and promote success and achievement. Creating complete marital artists in a fun and safe environment is our priority. 

Our system is a fusion of traditional martial arts and modern teaching approach.  Students attend weekly classes that target their skill level and age group.  We have programs for students from age 3 through teens and adults.  We also provide the conditioning programs. 

In 2016, Ridgewood Karate Academy came under new ownership of ECAL Martial Arts, headed by Ed Chang and Arnold Lau.  As new owners, Ed Chang and Arnold Lau seek to continue the tradition of family martial arts at RKA.  Leveraging business experience as senior executives at an investment bank and operational knowledge from fitness and gym investments, ECAL Martial Arts will provide the support needed to bring RKA to the next generation of martial artists.  Much of the leadership team has also stayed on with RKA to support the goals of RKA.

Arnold got involved with purchasing RKA as the next step in his lifelong involvement with the martial arts.  As a national martial arts competitor in high school, Arnold saw the values of martial arts training in helping to develop discipline, goal setting, self confidence, deliberate practice, public speaking, and leadership. He went on to captain and coach the Rutgers Martial Arts Competition team with highlight championships at West Point, Naval Academy, Boston University, and Penn State.

Arnold's work assignments take him all over the world.  He takes advantage of the work assignments to train in different martial arts and still actively competes.  In addition to grand championships in the United States.  He holds grand champions in Europe and Asia.  Working closely with other martial arts organizations in the United Kingdom and Asia, Arnold has insights on training and school philosophy from all over the world.

Ridgewood Karate Academy is the result of a strong commitment to develop our next generation of healthy contributors to our society.  There is a strong family culture to reinforce traditional values.  As new owners, Ed and Arnold will continue the tradition for years to come.

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