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Meet Our Instructors


Roosevelt Gonzalez

Sensei Roosevelt Gonzalez began his martial arts journey at the age of 5 years old. He has attained his black belt in karate at the age of 13 years old. He holds a strong background in standup Muay thai and MMA as well as a blue belt in jiu jitsu. Roosevelt has been teaching classes for over seven years and excels at balancing between teaching, training and managing our facility. Roosevelt's main goal is to make sure all his students progress and strive towards black belt excellence. Keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes as well as instructing students in the children's martial arts programs, Roosevelt is known for his high enthusiasm and passion towards martial arts.


Arnold Lau

Master Arnold Lau trains and competes internationally for over 35 years. With championships along the US East Coast, Europe, and Asia, Master Lau trained and developed his skills in many martial arts disciplines. He was the captain of the Rutgers Martial Arts team from 1988 til 1992 and served as head instructor at Rutgers from 1993 until 2004.  Master Lau remains active with the Rutgers community by funding college scholarships and teaching as a part-time lecturer in Computer Science.

Master Lau saw an opportunity in Ridgewood Karate Academy to continue a tradition of developing the martial artists of the future. Teaching at RKA is an opportunity to instill some of the attributes that helped Master Lau achieve his personal development goals.

Master Lau has shared some insight about his experiences at RKA and his other commitments in The Bizwood Podcast - check it out here!

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