Lil Dragons

Our Lil Dragon program is designed for children ages 4-6.  The program emphasizes improving listening and motor skills.  Our Lil Dragons classes are fast-paced, fun-filled, educational, and motivational.  The parents love watching their kids grow in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

Our Brazilian Ju-Jitsu program is designed to teach our students how to defend themselves against a larger adversary by using leverage and technique.  Students learn stand up maneuvers and ground defense, which is a particular strength for BJJ.  The training also develops strength, coordination, mobility, and flexibility.


We offer programs specifically tailored to the needs of youth, teens, and adults.  Our youth programs provide effective functional fitness, practical self defense, and a structured curriculum designed to build focus, self confidence, and leadership skills.  The adult programs provide innovative fitness training along with practical self defense techniques.


Kickboxing classes offer an alternative to other forms of aerobic activity, such as doing step aerobics or running on a treadmill. If you're bored with your current workout routines and enjoy following an instructor's moves, kickboxing may put some variety back into your fitness life. Beginning fitness enthusiasts will slowly at first, as kickboxing is usually high-impact and high-intensity. Our trained instructors tailor the workout to your fitness level.


This course covers topics on general safety, how to make your residence more secure, travel safety, the use of weapons, what to do after an attack and much more. Students will then learn hands-on techniques. The techniques includes blocks, punches, kicks, defense against bearhugs and wrist grabs, and ground defense. The course includes dynamic simulation exercises. Simulation gives students the opportunity to put together the concepts and techniques in several simulated attacks.


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